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All-Year-Round Craft Projects

We love crafts at County Supplies. On this page you can find lots of easy-to-make projects for various celebrations throughout the year.

Have fun using our range of crafty bits, paints and glitter, or upcycle things that would otherwise go to waste.

These projects are all easy to make, however they do vary in simplicity. Each project has been given one of three skill levels: 1 (easiest), 2 (medium difficulty) or 3 (trickiest). You'll find the difficulty label on the top left of each how-to sheet.

Festivals and celebrations

Nature and sustainability

Four seasons


Downloadable activities

Nature bingoNature bingo

Nature bingo

How many of these British plants, birds and insects can you spot in the garden or out on a walk?

Colour in Union flag buntingColour in Union flag bunting

Colour in Union Flag bunting

Union flag bunting to colour in, plus a blank flag template so you can design your own.

Colour in D-Day posterColour in D-Day poster

Colour in D-Day Poster

Colour in and learn about the D-Day landings.

Colour in British wildlife matching gameColour in British wildlife matching game

Colour in British Wildlife Matching Game

Colour in and then play the matching game!

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